An evolutionary revolutionary feat

Launched in June 2019, Celebrity Flora is the first ship of its kind to be purpose built for the Galapagos Islands. Taking just 100 guests this all-suite mega-yacht features an innovative outward facing concept-designed to ensure that the destination remains the centre of attention during your cruise. Celebrity Flora was inspired by the islands and built with natural materials, the ship merges seamlessly with her surroundings, given you the feel of total immersion.
To give you an even more in-depth destination experience, certified naturalists from the Galapagos National Park are on board to guide the journey.
Proving you can practice responsible tourism and deliver ultimate luxury at the same time, Celebrity Flora was built with the latest environmental technologies. The dynamic positioning system allows the mega-yacht to remain on station without dropping anchors, protecting the seabed—and the solar panels supplement electricity, reducing emissions. The result is one of the most eco-friendly ships sailing anywhere—just one reason Celebrity Flora was voted “Best Overall Cruise Ship” in 2019

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